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Infection Control Guidelines
Infection Control Guidelines
Infection Control Guidelines
Infection Control Guidelines
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8. Prevention of Needle Stick Injuries Prevention on Health Care Workers

Healthcare workers are potentially exposed to infectious material:Prevention of perforating-cutting accidents

. Blood, tissue, body fluids
. Supplies, equipment and environment contaminated with these body substances

What is a perforating-cutting accident and why is it a factor for prevention?

These accidents occur when the skin is injured with a perforating or sharp object, contaminated with blood and other fluids; pinpricks are the most habitual. An injury of such characteristics may put the worker at risk of infection, and thus, there lies the need for prevention.

The recommendations for procedures involving these risk factors are the prevention—through
the use of devices with a special design that avoid hooding—and the handling of supplies with
a high risk of pricking or cutting the healthcare worker.



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